Mustang (2015)

Mustang (2015)

Günes Sensoy and Doga Zeynep Doguslu in Mustang (2015)

Everything changed in a blink of an eye.

MustangDeniz Gamze Ergüven (2015)


Coisas do coração


   O médico disse-lhe que teria de ter muita atenção às emoções fortes. Que assim como deveria evitar grandes tristezas, também as grandes alegrias trazem os seus perigos. 


You don't know

fevereiro 2019

   I was walking into the forest with my grandmother one morning. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I was only four years old, a tiny little one. And I saw something very strange - a straight line across the road. I was so curious that I went over to it; I just wanted to touch it. Then my grandmother screamed, so loud. I remember it so strongly. It was a huge snake.
   That was the first moment in my life that I really felt fear - but I had no idea what I should be afraid of. Actually, it was my grandmother's voice that frightened me. And then the snake slithered away, fast. 
   It is incredible how fear is built into you, by your parents and others surrounding you. You're so innocent in the beginning; you don't know.

Marina Abramovic in Walk Through Walls



Tu sabes que a saudade bate forte Bate bem mais forte que a sorte Tu sabes que a saudade anda aos beijos com a morte Sabes que a saudade anda aos beijos com a morte A Amália pega em mim e leva-me a dançar Sabes que eu só danço quando a saudade acabar A Amália pega em mim e leva-me pro mar Sabes que eu só morro quando não te vir chorar

Conan Osiris - Amália


Pequeno espaço de luz entre duas nostalgias

        julho/agosto 2018

   A vida é um pequeno espaço de luz entre duas nostalgias. A nostalgia do que ainda não vivemos e a do que já não poderemos viver. E o momento exato da ação é tão confuso, tão escorregadio e tão efémero, que o desperdiçamos olhando em volta, aturdidos.

Rosa Montero in A Carne


There's planets in my palms, if you get bored of my skin

I know you're weary and I've worn you out
But you can rest your mind here and take your trainers off and... I apologize
I should have approached this differently
We said we'd be honest with each other so I guess
You make me feel like the unrequited lover
I don't wanna follow you around until you find the truth
But I'd rather not kiss every stranger until I find you
Can't you just appear in my hands and I'll carry you instead?
There's planets in my palms, if you get bored of my skin
I mean you change with the moon. Habitual rituals
Your smiling and light is my only residual
The first time we met, did you go home and think of me too?
Our silence settles strangely now and self consciousness is heavy
I know. People overthink things. Women wreak havoc. Men implode
But don't trouble yourself with my opinions
Just remember me in the morning and carry me home

Jorja Smith - Carry Me Home (Interlude)